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Walking the Walk
Keeping the Bees

Bees aren't just in our name. They're part of our history, our culture, and our future, too. Burt Shavitz, the bearded co-founder of Burt's Bees, was a beekeeper. It was his bees that made the wax in our first Beeswax Lip Balm. But honeybees make a lot more than wax and are connected with several critical issues for human and environmental health, including biodiversity, food security, nutrition, and sustainable land use

A world without bees is unimaginable and we won't let it happen. We support our buzzing friends with many wonderful projects that promote honeybee health and sustainable agriculture. We are also continually improving our sourcing process, so that eventually each and every one of our ingredients, pollinated or not, will be vetted and accounted for.

Our efforts to support pollinator health have spanned research, education and conservation; over the years, we've supported a number of community organizations working for change at the intersection of human and honeybee health, awarded over 30 pollinator health research grants, and worked to drive awareness of the plight of honeybees and how individuals can help.

Of these efforts, our recent focus has been on establishing habitat, providing bees with a much-needed feast. By 2020, Burt's Bees aims to impact 10,000 acres of healthy honeybee forage. To date, our work and committed funds have already impacted 6,600 acres of pollinator forage. Bur there's more to do.

One campaign helping establish habitat is the Bring Back The Bees program. You can get involved by visiting this section of our website and also just by planting pollinator-friendly wildflowers. For more information on wildflowers native to your region, consult your local nursery.