Sometimes what’s on the outside counts just as much as the inside

We make a big deal about the all-natural formulations of our many wonderful products—but of course we don't stop there. Even our packaging is designed conscientiously: including our focus using post-consumer recycled content. Currently, our primary packages average 30% PCR content, our secondary packages average 45%, and our bottles average 60%. In addition, we strive to make our packages as recyclable as possible, and have trimmed excess packaging from many of our products—some as much as 50%.

We're always working with our suppliers to find new ways to incorporate PCR into our packaging, to make it easier for our customers to recycle at home, and to reduce the total amount of materials we use. We’re also members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and the Sustainable Packaging Cosmetics Roundtable, which help us learn and lead.

The Cap & Tube

The plastic in all of our caps, as well as our lip balm, tinted lip balm, and lip shimmer tubes, is low-impact polypropylene – also called #5 plastic.

The Label

Lip balm and lip shimmer packaging labels are shrink-wrap free. By simply extending our label, we were able to eliminate 1,800 miles of shrink-wrap from our waste stream in one year – enough to wrap the Statue of Liberty 100 times!

The Ink

We keep things natural with vegetable-based inks.


Our kit packaging is 100% plastic-free.

Paper Foam

We use recyclable paper foam, rather than plastic trays, to hold our products in place.

The Tube

Because it’s so important to know what color you’re getting before you buy it, we use clear virgin plastic in our lip gloss tubes; it gives a more faithful view of each shade than does transparent PCR.

The Plastic

When we must choose function over form – in this case, the clarity of virgin plastic over the efficiency of PCR plastic – we strive to use materials with the lowest impact to the environment. While virgin plastic isn’t ideal for us, we use #1 PETE plastic, which may be recyclable in your area. Clean out as much product as possible, and check with your municipal recycling facility to make sure it can process #1 plastic.

The Cap

Our lip gloss caps are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic – our first ever!

The Carton

Our cartons use only as much paperboard as we need to communicate important ingredient information. Our packaging uses FSC certified paperboard and contains 65% PCR content.

Airless Pumps

Airless pumps are made with #5 plastic and a mixed #7 plastic, which is more difficult to recycle than #5. However, we’ve partnered with the Gimme-5 take-back program to carefully deconstruct and recycle used #5 plastic pump components. Keeping air out of pumps inhibits contamination and improves product shelf life. These pumps also let just the right amount of product out so nothing goes to waste.