Honey & Shea Conditioning Body Bar


Honey & Shea Conditioning Body Bar


The unconditionally blissful body bar.
100% Natural
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Happy, nourished skin is the result of every good thing it touches. And our conditioning, French-milled body bar starts things off right. A blend of Honey and Shea Butter, in our all natural soap, creates a rich lather that gently cleans away dirt and oil to leave your skin feeling soft and silky. The rest? Smooth sailing all the way.

• French-milled bar soap
• Honey and Shea Butter help remove dirt and oil
• Nourishes with Shea Butter
• Bath soap softens skin

Product Reviews

Honey & Shea Conditioning Body Bar 4.6 5 28 28
Not for me I prefer the Mango&Orange soap bar over this one, surprisingly! Usually I love honey&shea butter products but this one is hard to use due to shape and big size but mostly due to being very slippery, never slipped a soap so much out of hand! It must be the ingredients... It does give a clean feeling, hydrates and leaves a smooth skin but I am not crazy about the scent and it doesn't have the scrubbing particles as the Mango&Orange soap bar. May 21, 2014
Prefer the body wash,but..... I started using Burt's Bees when I found out I was allergic to the sulphates in soaps and body washes. I started out using organic soaps, but they dissolved way to fast, that $8 for one bar every week was getting a tad expensive. I prefer the the milk and shea butter body wash, but have discovered, (after researching why I could not find it any where, including their website) that it has been discontinued. I loved how soft my skin felt after using it. I have used the bars, and I do like them, but I am truly saddened to find I can no longer get my favorite body wash. May 6, 2014
Cracked Soap The soap is hard to find in stores. The soap cracks at the very beginning of its soap life revealing several segments or layers. The soap barely produces a clean refreshed feeling. The soap leaves little to no scent. The soap is too thick. November 6, 2013
Conditioning, Smooth, Yummy! I haven't tried the Cranberry & Pomegrant nor the Mango & Orange soaps yet so I can't compare this to the other bars of soaps, but I have to say that this is AMAZING! I've never really been a fan of bars of soap, perfering liquid soap but I think this is good and I won't mind saying "see ya," to liquid soaps forever. This is such a better value. I know five dollars for a bar of soap seems pricy but in actualliety I've probably have saved money over liquid soaps like Suave that are about a dollar or so a bottle. I bought this at least three months ago and it hasn't seemed to get that much smaller. And it gets up such a nice lather. You should, however, be careful with it. I at first put it on a soap holding dish held up by my showerhead, the water from the showerhead fell on it and that isn't good. So I went to the dollar store and bought a soap dish that I stuck to the oppiset side of my shower wall and, as said before, it has lasted at least three months and is still almost the same size it seems. And the bar of soap is still smooth instead of cracked and dry like other bar's of soap. (Keep in mind my soap is probably lasting a long while since I use a bath sponge and I only get it wet once, lather the sponge and put the soap back) My skin feels nice and soft and the scent is almost all honey but is subtle so that no one really notices it unless they are close, this is a good thing since if I decide to shower in the morning the scent won't interfer with my perfume. It cleans very well, conditions and gets up an extremly impressive lather. I also love the little design of the bee, it's cute and a nice little thing that makes the bar of soap unique-aside from, you know, it being an amazing bar of soap that once you use you'll never go back to another company's- All and all, a perfect bar of soap and when it gets down small enough-perhaps in a years time-I'll put it out to wash my hands with and try one of the other two bars of soap. April 20, 2013
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Lather soap all over your body getting some good suds going. Rinse well and follow up with your favorite Burt’s Bees® Sugar Scrub or Body Butter. Avoid contact with eyes.
Featured Ingredient


What a Honey!

The perfect way to show your affection, Honey is an ode of everlasting devotion to your skin. Sweet and deliciously fragrant, it’s the ideal natural softener that helps recondition. Letting you live happily ever after in your skin.

sodium rapeseedate, aqua (water, eau), sodium cocoate, glycerin, parfum (fragrance), butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, mel (honey, miel), royal jelly extract, sodium citrate, CI 77492 (iron oxides), CI 77891 (titanium dioxide) *natural fragrance/parfum naturel

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