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Orange Essence Facial Cleanser


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Brighten up your day and your skin with this gentle, sulfate-free face cleanser. Infused with refreshing Orange Oil and Soap Bark Extract, our plant-based natural face wash helps remove dirt, excess oil and make-up. Formulated with Olive and Oat Oils, Aloe and Vegetable-based Glycerin to help nourish your skin. Our Orange Essence Facial Cleanser rinses easily for a naturally clean feeling.

• Removes dirt, excess oil and make-up with Orange Oil and Soap Bark Extract
• 100% natural plant-based cleanser and Sulfate-Free
• Nourishes skin with Olive Oil, Aloe, Oat Oil and Vegetable-based Glycerin

• 2008 - Better Nutrition - Best of Beauty Awards 2008

Product Reviews

Orange Essence Facial Cleanser 4.6 5 189 190
different than anything else! I was in that awful "coming off of Proactiv" phase with my skin, when I was breaking out so bad I just wanted to cry about it. After reading about a safe way to come off of it, I was recommended to try a Burt's Bees product. After checking the reviews online, I went out and picked up this Orange Essence cleanser. The first time I used it, it seemed weird - it doesn't lather up like a normal cleanser but works extremely well for being an oil cleanser. The first time I used it, I was not in love with the after-feeling, I just felt like I still had a layer on my face - so I used a baking soda exfoliant to remove the layer, as well as for general face cleaning. Loved the feeling after - brighter, fresher skin - felt clean, soft, smooth - and the cleanser smelled great. Now, I tend to use the cleaner on dry skin or recently washed (say, in the shower) and recently air-dryed but still moist skin - and I like the feeling it leaves much better. I still usually follow with a baking soda scrub - but I'd be doing that with most cleansers anyway. A little goes a long way, the smell is great, it feels fresh, you skin feels soft and smooth and not dry or oily after. Definitely would buy again, definitely would recommend. It cleaned up that "coming off of proactiv" problem IMMEDIATELY - the next day my skin was back to smooth - and for the most part, has stayed that way since using this product. October 20, 2012
Great facial cleanser Being in grad school, I am confronted with a good amount of stress on a regular basis and was reflected in the way my skin looked. I used to break out easily and my skin generally is more sensitive to the creams and cleansers I use on my face. Last year I started changing my lifestyle, eating better, working out and at the same time decided to take better care of my skin by using natural products. I am using various Burts Bees products and I like all of them so far. I have been using this cleanser for a few months now and ever since I have been using it, my skin is much clearer and I rarely break out. It smells good and doesnt leave my skin feeling tight like chemical cleansers do. I will definitely stick with this one. :) September 5, 2012
Give it another chance! I originally used this cleanser years ago because there was a small tube in a gift package. The oil ingredients and slimy feel made me never use it again - I have combination dry/oily skin, constantly breaking out and flaking at the same time. I decided to try it again recently because I was just so sick of the flaking. I found that if you use it "right," it works really well and doesn't leave the film I felt before. What worked for me: I use it on a dry face after I've showered rather than during. I massage it into my face (when you use it dry, it has a warm-tingly thing going for it). Here's the catch - no splash-rinse is going to de-oil your face. Use the advice on the back of the tube that says to use a warm washcloth, even better one that has a good amount of texture to it, and do a little scrubbing to get it off, then towel dry. The end result is that my skin is neither oily nor flaky - a miracle! I know some suggest the Garden Tomato Toner afterward, but I did try that and found that it actually made my face feel gunky (ironic when the oil-based cleaser doesn't, but whateves.) I would suggest trying this on its own before introducing other products to it. I get that the orange cleanser might not be best at getting off things like eye makeup - I rarely wear anything other than a pressed powder, so I can't speak to it so much. I will say, though, that the de-flaking has made it so that even using a pressed powder looks more natural on my face (instead of highlighting dry spots), and having well-moisturized skin gives the powder something good to "stick" to without getting oily or using face creams that cause breakouts (as they always did for me.) August 15, 2012
Greatly Improved my Skin I had no idea that using a soap-free facial cleanser could make SUCH a difference in my skin. It takes my makeup off, and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. For the first time, I no longer have Acne or dry spots! At first I thought that feeling was residue, but really, its just that the product cleans without stripping your skin of all of its oils. It smells good (like all BB products) and the size and shape of the tube makes it really easy to take traveling. I would like if BB would make a larger version of this product as it doesn't last very long. Also, it can be difficult to get the soap out of the tube at the end. August 12, 2012
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Wet your face and apply the cleanser with your fingertips or a wet washcloth, massaging gently to loosen and remove dirt and make-up. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Complete your daily regimen with your favorite Burt's Bees toner and face moisturizer.
Sweet Orange Oil
Featured Ingredient

Sweet Orange Oil — Cold pressed from the fruit and peel of orange trees native to China and India, now cultivated in Brazil, Cypress, Israel, Mexico and the United States, this ingredient is valued for its zesty and refreshing, sweet-yet-tart aroma that is both uplifting and calming.

glycerin, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, limonene, avena sativa (oat) kernel flour, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) oil, avena sativa (oat) kernel oil, lanolin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, quillaja saponaria (quillaja) bark extract, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, beta-carotene, tocopherol, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, glycine soja (soybean) oil, canola oil (huile de colza), potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

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