Ask an Expert: Living with Eczema and Rosacea

“I grew up as an eczema patient, and live in a world of constant potential triggers,” says Dr. Vivian Shi, the board-certified dermatologist who’s talking with us about our most common skin care concerns. “I learned to be selective with my products from an early age.”

“The best way to care for eczema and rosacea is by being proactive rather than reactive. Working to prevent flare-ups is much better than trying to find a solution to put out the fire,” she says.

“Both eczema and rosacea occur in very sensitive skin,” says Shi. “A small environmental stimulus can trigger a very exaggerated response. For example, in people with sensitive skin, a light tickle can be over-interpreted by the brain and central nervous system as an overwhelming stimulus, triggering an itch-scratch response.”

“The effect of these triggers can be minimized,” says Shi. “Use gentle skin care products and limit your exposure to UV rays and polluted environments. And make sure you repair the skin barrier—that’s the easiest and most important piece of skin care.”

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Your response to skin care products may vary. Ask a healthcare professional about the most suitable skin care regimen for you.

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