Ask An Expert: Mary Beth LaRue on Exercise

Mary Beth LaRue is the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss and a world-renowned yoga teacher, writer and, most importantly, a foster parent. She's traveled the world teaching yoga for nearly a decade, designed custom yoga programs for rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters and the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles, and graced the cover of Yoga Journal magazine. She took time to speak with us about her exercise practice, and how self-care manifests in her life.

Ask an Expert with Mary Beth LaRue

Burt’s Bees: Why is self-care important to you?

Mary Beth LaRue: Self-care is my time to meet myself where I’m at. Though I have a very public career, I’m also a total introvert and love nothing more than some time to myself. Quiet creates so much space for me.

What are your go-to self-care practices?

Meditation, bubble baths, reading every single night, spending time outdoors without my cell phone, a sweaty but soulful home yoga practice.

How do you fit self-care into your busy life?

Even if I’m feeling busy, there’s no way I don’t have five minutes to spare. To me it’s all about quality over quantity. If I can be fully and wholeheartedly present, even a little time is potent.

Do you believe self-care includes a daily skincare routine?

Absolutely. Taking time with my skincare routine is nourishment. And like cooking a healthy meal, it takes time and quality products for it to be nourishing.

What does your skincare routine look like?

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are musts for me. But masks are my very favorite and feel like self-care. I love to meditate or read while my mask dries. My favorite is the Burt’s Bees Detoxifying Clay Mask. I love the Burt’s Bees Hydrating Facial Mist all throughout the day and definitely before bed. It feels so refreshing.

How did you become interested in exercise?

I had a desk job and felt so lethargic. I’d come home from work and just want to go to sleep. So instead I started going to yoga classes and found the first exercise I ever truly, truly loved.

You’re a parent, yoga teacher, mentor and entrepreneur. How does exercise fit into your schedule?

I know that I’m a better, more balanced person when I exercise, but the word “exercise” makes it feel like a chore or to-do list item. Instead, I try to move my body with joy at least five times a week. That might be for ten minutes on my mat or an hour on my spin bike.

If someone only has five minutes per day to care for themselves, what would you recommend they do with them?

Five minutes of deep breathing without your cell phone in sight!

What are your suggestions for quick exercises or stretches anyone can do either in the office, airport, or on-the-go?

I love a seated twist or even crossing my ankle above my opposite knee while seated and folding forward for a seated pigeon.

Any exercise-related skincare tips?

I use the Burt’s Bees Micellar Cleansing Cloths right after I exercise. And drink lots of water!

Are there any at-home workouts you can recommend for people who don’t have access to a gym or don’t go to one?

I love the app Seven. Seven minutes workouts you can do once or twice a way. I feel so good after I do them.

Lastly, how does regular exercise help you take care of yourself?

Exercise keeps me energized and balanced. And makes for a much better meditation!