Baby’s First Summer Checklist – Don’t Leave Home Without These Essentials

When you think of all the fun firsts you get to celebrate with your baby, do you include baby's first summer on that list? I hope you do because it's one of my favorite things to experience. To me, babies are easier in the summer. They need fewer clothes. They can nap in the shade on a soft towel while you enjoy the outdoors. And there are so many opportunities for them to play in the water, which is just the cutest, not to mention it wears them out in the best way.

I joke with my husband (but I'm totally serious) that I want to bottle the scent of Burt's Bees Baby® so we can smell it when we're old and gray, and remember what it was like to snuggle our sweet babies on a warm day. We've been using Burt's Bees Baby® Nourishing Lotion and the bath wash on our babies since our first was born 9 years ago. So, of course, we have those on hand this year for our 4th baby's first summer, along with the rest of these fabulous Burt's Bees Baby® products.

Have towel, will travel...and be able to nap anywhere! I love items that serve more than one purpose, and this dip-dye beach towel isn't just a super soft way to dry baby off after a splash in the pool. It's a plush surface for a sweet nap, and a pretty cute photo prop, too.

These soft, sweet Bee Essentials short sleeve bodysuits are all you need to dress baby for nearly any occasion all summer. If you don't live in the south like I do, you can always pair them with stretchy cotton pants when the temps dip. But we'll just be down here in bodysuits with bare, chubby legs for a few months. I always have a spare or two in my diaper bag because babies can be such a mess sometimes.

Those bare, chubby legs and that bald little head need protection from the sun, though. The most important item on any baby's first summer checklist is sunscreen! We're not leaving home without Burt's Bees Baby® Nourishing Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 30. It glides on super smooth and rubs in quickly, plus it's formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS.

Finally, after a long, hot, sweaty day outside, we love bathing the littles with Burt's Bees Baby® Shampoo & Body Wash. Its tear-free formula is gentle and mild.

We always follow baths with the Burt's Bees Baby® Nourishing Lotion that sparked our love for all things Burt's Bees Baby® 9 years ago. I especially love rubbing it all over their bald little heads and then spending the next hour with my nose stuck to them. (I know. You get it. I'm obsessed with the way it smells!)

Baby's first summer can be such a sweet, simple time. Take advantage of early morning or late afternoon shade, spread out a cushy towel, and let baby feel the warm air on their cheeks. This is one milestone that should be stress-free, and easy to enjoy, especially if you're prepared with a few summer essentials from Burt's Bees Baby®.

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