Beauty Hacks: How to Shape Natural Brows

If you over-tweezed as a teen (ahem) or just want to give your brows a little more oomph, boosting them with makeup is the answer. To keep things looking natural (read: not overdone and obvious), follow these tips from our makeup artist pals you’ll be shaping a professional-looking arch in no time.

First, step back! Drop that magnifying mirror and get some perspective on your whole face before you start filling in. If you zoom in on your brows too much, you risk overdoing it.

Next, define your shape: To find where your brow should start, hold your brow pencil along the side of your nose, aligning with the inside corner of your eye. Wherever it hits is your starting point.

To find your arch, draw an imaginary line up from the center of your eye.

To find where your brow should end, draw an imaginary line from the tip of your nose to the outside corner of your eye.

Start with a few swipes of powder—this will help the pencil adhere more to your brow hairs than to your skin, which goes a long way toward achieving a natural look.

Sharpen your brow pencil—you need a fine tip to mimic those natural brow hairs!—and start penciling at the arch, using short, quick strokes. Work your way out toward the ends, keeping things a bit sparse, as they naturally would be.

Finally, use your spoolie! After every few pencil strokes, brush your spoolie through the brow—this also helps keep the pencil off the skin and on your brows, which creates a beautiful finished look.