Winter Beauty Tips and Tricks

By Meghan Donovan of

I’m sharing my best winter skincare tips and tricks to beat the beauty blues that can sometimes come at this time of year.


Anyone else’s lips go to hell and back in the winter? Mine can suffer from serious chapping, so during this time of year I often swap out lipsticks that can be drying for a tinted lip balm. For just a hint of color and a whole lot of conditioning, try Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm. They feature botanical waxes and chea butter that soften, hydrate and ever so slightly add some color to your lips. Best part? They come in six different shades so you won’t tire of always using the same one. It also moisturizes for eight hours so you’re not left hunting for your lip balm midday (this used to happen to me on the reg...)


This time of year the ol’ shampoo + conditioner routine doesn’t cut it for my hair. I have to go the extra mile to hydrate my dry tresses so I make the effort to use a leave-in conditioner and also every few weeks rotate in a self-heating, in-shower oil treament that does wonders. I also recommend always combing your conditioner through your hair and letting it stay for 3–5 minutes for an added boost of moisturizing.


Until last year, I had never really had dry skin on my face. It always felt more oily than anything, so I avoided moisturizers for the most part. That is until my cheeks started feeling wildly dehydrated and began showing signs of flaky skin (gross...). When I did masks they were always more for added glow or exfoliation, but recently I decided to try a moisturizing mask, and it felt so good. I like to apply my masks at night after getting out of the shower since my pores are more open at that time!