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Bye, Cold Sores: Causes and How Treat Them Quickly

by Burt’s Bees | 2 min read

Cold sores— the ultimate uninvited guest. Also known as “fever blisters,” they are actually small, fluid-filled blisters around the mouth caused by the herpes simplex virus that can scab and linger. The bad news? It’s not curable. The good news?

It’s pretty common and there are ways to treat and help heal when outbreaks happen.

How do you get cold sores?

You can get cold sores from coming in direct contact with someone who has them. The virus stays dormant in your body until outbreaks are triggered, and you may feel that telltale tingling signaling a cold sore is on its way.

What triggers a cold sore outbreak?

Well, a lot of things! Hot sun, cold wind, a cold or any other illness, a weakened immune system, fluctuating hormone levels and even stress. Since it’s tough to avoid everything on that list, here are ways to treat these outbreaks. 

Remedies for Cold Sores

There are ways to help reduce pain and swelling of cold sores at home. Some remedies may even shorten the duration of an outbreak if you get started right away.

If you find stress is a major cold sore trigger for you, try to work in breathing exercises (we’re fans of box breathing) or get outside in nature—a studied way to reduce stress.

Products to Get Rid of and Help Heal Cold Sores

Even with preventative action, cold sores still happen.

Our Rapid Rescue Cold Sore Treatment promotes the healing of cold sores and blisters from the very first use with our unique nature-powered formula. Featuring Rhubarb and Sage Complex, natural Glycerin, Camphor and Menthol—it delivers powerful, immediate relief for pain and discomfort when you need it the most.

Build Your Cold Sore Tool Kit

Your response to skin care products may vary.

 Ask a healthcare professional about the most suitable skin care regimen for you.

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