Mother (Earth) Knows Best
Our herbal support is formulated especially for mamas and babies. Calm-A-Mama makes alcohol-free botanical tincture drops that are natural, gentle, delicious and effective. Because parenting is beautifully hard; We’re here to help.

Natural & Organic
From our family to yours, all of our herbs are certified USDA organic. Using the highest quality ingredients, we craft herbal goodness based on the wisdom of the elders. In keeping with a farm-to-bottle commitment, most of our herbs are grown in gardens that are adjacent to our lab and manufacturing facility. This ensures the freshness, flavor and efficacy of the herbs we use.

A True Story
When founder Hannah Garrison was pregnant with her first child she experienced intense stress and anxiety. She was actively seeking products to help ease her struggle and couldn’t find anything on the market that catered to pregnant and nursing women. So she set out to use her love of the botanical world and her entrepreneurial background to help mamas across the globe.