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Questions About Our Company

Where is Burt's Bees headquartered?

Our company headquarters is located in Durham, NC.

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Does Burt's Bees offer factory tours?

We currently do not offer factory tours. Thank you for understanding.

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Does Burt's Bees have a factory store at your headquarters in Durham, NC?

We do not have a factory store and sell direct to the public only on this website.

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I heard your company was purchased by Clorox. Is that correct?

I understand your concern about the Clorox Company taking ownership of Burt’s Bees. Being acquired by a larger company always raises questions about the ability to maintain culture and values, but those have not changed at Burt’s Bees.

In fact, we're improving every day. Since 2007 we have increased the natural content of many of our products. We're also proud to send ZERO waste to landfill from our manufacturing facility and office since 2010. We compost most of our waste and we also started reclaiming water from our manufacturing process, so we use less. Additionally, our operations are now carbon neutral. Most of this has occurred since the acquisition, and we are sharing best practices with Clorox too. They have begun "Dumpster Diving" to educate employees about waste reduction and they now have an Eco-team, as we do.

It's very important to us to carry forward the principles of our founders and what they started back in 1984. I hope you'll stick with us as we continue to pioneer natural health and beauty care solutions through the power of nature.

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Is your company publicly traded and if so, what is the stock symbol?

Consumers interested in Burt’s Bees may purchase stock from The Clorox Company, under the stock symbol CLX.

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Questions about donations?

Thanks for your interest in Burt’s Bees donations. We do not take product donation requests, as we have established partnerships locally to distribute in-kind donations, including with the Food Bank of North Carolina. We allocate financial donations through the Burt’s Bees Foundation, where we focus on building nature-inclusive communities that increase climate resilience and support well-being in our home state of North Carolina

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