Flower Wax (Jasmine)

Handpicked with purpose

Jasmine is used in many perfumes and is known as the King of Flowers by perfumers and aromatherapists.

Good for you, naturally

Flower waxes are produced by extracting the wax portion from flowers like jasmine and separating it from the fragrance ingredients. These flower waxes provide a naturally exotic scent to cosmetics. Flower waxes also help to condition the skin because the wax portion retains some of the fragrant flower parts while also moisturizing the skin.

We use flower wax in our Tinted Lip Balms.

Where on earth is it from?

The flower waxes that are used to add fragrance in personal care products result when extracting fragrance materials from flowers. Today, various species of jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum) are growing mainly in India, Egypt and Morocco. The sacred flowers of jasmine contain a delicate and expensive fragrance ingredient that is used in some of the most renowned fine fragrances. Even the ancient Egyptians used jasmine as part of their beauty regimen.