Fran Ngong Organic Bodycare

Organic Skin is Healthy Skin

Fran Ngong Organic Bodycare is the manufacturer of all-natural bodycare. We utilize the freshest ingredients available to maintain the integrity of each product. Our focus is to feed skin naturally using unique recipes formulated to extract nutrients to aid in fortifying the body and skin.

FreeMe – Everyone’s Deodorant, All Natural - All Day

Fran Ngong Organic Bodycare exist, in part, to provide a natural, effective alternative to chemically laden, commercial products that damage and age skin unnaturally. What makes us unique is our mission to be socially responsible and ethnically committed to changing the mindset of using natural bodycare, especially women of African America descent. As one of our customer stated, “the social impact for women switching from commercial to natural deodorant will cause a “Generationa Change” in our daily regimen and how we raise our children. We are excited to be a part of that shift.

Why Natural Launchpad?

Partnering with Burt’s Bees Natural Launchpad was a no brainer for our company. In business, you don’t have many opportunities to network directly with a national market leader. Burt’s Bees NLP created the bridge that many small businesses thirst after to not only support a common initiative, but to grow from a position of strength from a renowed and established company. NLP is the birthplace to grow natural product crusaders the right way.

Company Awards

  • 2018 Walmart Open Call Recipient
  • Burt’s Bees Natural Launch Pad Grant Winner – Cohort #3