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Gifts Under $15

by Burt’s Bees | 3 min read

These easy-to-give gifts are the perfect unexpected treat for everyone on your list.

If you really wanna win the holidays, keep a stash of small-but-mighty gifts on hand—it’s a can’t-miss way to show the people in your life that they matter, whether it’s on a whim or part of your holiday gift-giving traditions.

We can help make it even easier to treat the people in your life to something special.

This roundup of stocking stuffer gifts is full of products we love, and they’re all under $15. (Even better, they’re all in such cute packaging you don’t need to wrap them. Win win!)

There’s something for everyone, so consider your stockings stuffed and your gift list checked off—here’s what we’re loving for Gifts Under $15!

Kissable Color

In two shade trios—one warm, one cool—for shimmery color that looks good on everyone.  

Hand Cream Trio

A few dreamy botanical scents that’ll brighten their day (and soften their hands).

Lip Balm + Tinted Lip Balm

An iconic duo! Sheer, so-pretty color when they want, classic minty balm when they don’t.

Hydration Station

Just under $15, this face cleanser, body lotion and balm trio hydrates head-to-toe.

Me Moment

A hydrating mask and a flavor-kissed balm for the person who could really use a break.

Squeezy Trio

Give them their shine in three fun flavors + super glossy colors. 

This is just a start—so many of our products make for awesome stocking stuffers, teacher’s gifts, stock-up gifts and just-because gifts. Happy gifting, we know you’re gonna spread a lot of love this season and we hope you feel it coming back to you!

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