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The Art of the Reset

by Hayley Wood, Esthetician and Therapeutic Skin Coach | 10 min read

Rethinking skin care and restorative routines from esthetician Hayley Wood.

The reset we seek at the beginning of each new year is our permission to act on what we want to change about ourselves and in our lives, as well as leave behind what is no longer serving us.

So how can we possibly assign ourselves resolutions for 2021? Perhaps the most radical resolution of them all is to start with a self-loving mindset rooted in acceptance of where we are in this time.

How can we achieve this? Through subtle but powerful adjustments to our daily routines. For example, skin care has often been considered a practice of vanity, but 2020 proved to us once and for all that it's an opportunity to check in on ourselves. To take a breath. To have a moment of solitude. To connect with our physical and emotional well-being. We believe that when these rituals are done through the lens of love, it's much more than just a part of our hygiene routine.

Wake Up & Glow

This ritual is designed for those looking to enhance their morning routine. The focus is hydration and simplicity. Great for all skin types.

A morning routine is a must-have to set the trajectory of your day. Why? Because it's an opportunity to check in with yourself and set up a powerful mindset.

Before you even touch your skin, ask yourself, "How am I feeling?" This mindful check-in is a small yet powerful way to take self-inventory of your needs. The more you practice this approach, the easier it will be to connect with how to support yourself where you are at.

Start by closing your eyes, taking three deep nostril breaths, and gently ask (out loud or to yourself); "What is it that I need today?" You can journal your thoughts or simply allow yourself to receive whatever comes through your mind without judgement.

The Truly Glowing collection was created just for that purpose. As you move intentionally through each step of the routine, allow the ingredients to let your inner glow shine. A daily self-check in is a subtle yet profound way to elevate yourself and the outcome of your product use. With this mindful morning routine, we know that you're going to wake up and glow through the rest of your day.

The Wake Up & Glow ritual includes:

Truly Glowing Gel Cleanser

Awaken your skin with the Truly Glowing Gel Cleanser. Start by applying the cleanser onto damp skin. Slowly allow your fingertips to circulate all the different areas of your skin with the cleanser and gently massage your face. Once you're ready, remove with a warm washcloth and pat your skin dry with a clean, dry washcloth.

Hydrating Facial Mist

After cleansing, you want to immediately hydrate the skin with a generous amount of the hydrating facial mist. This refreshing step balances the skin's natural PH levels while providing a boost of hydration to wake up and feed the skin.

Truly Glowing Glow Booster

Your freshly misted skin is now ready to absorb some nutrients. Add a few drops of the truly glowing glow booster to your skin and press it gently in with the pads of your fingers. If you are experiencing dry skin, use up to 5-6 drops and if your skin is oilier, use 3-4 drops for best results.

Truly Glowing Day Lotion

Lastly, finish your Wake Up and Glow routine with a pump of lightweight lotion with the Truly Glowing day Lotion. Apply by gently massaging the lotion throughout your face, neck, and décolleté enveloping the skin with this hydrating lotion. This step will seal in all the nutrients of your routine. Any residual product can be massaged into your hands for a smooth finish.

*Pro Tip: If you're feeling extra dehydrated, spray your facial mist in between each step of this routine. You can add your SPF of choice to seal in your Wake Up & Glow routine as well for optimal sun and environmental protection.

Working from home? Make sure to keep your Honey Rescue Balm and Lavender and Honey Hand Cream at your work area to remind yourself that you're worthy of taking a pause for care.

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Unwind & Replenish

This ritual is designed for those looking to rejuvenate their skin during a nighttime routine. The focus is to unwind while renewing the skin. Great for mature, dry, and combination skin types.

Did you know that each night when we go to bed, our skin is hard at work? As your largest organ, your skin naturally goes into detoxification while your body is recovering and resting through sleep. It's subtle but that's typically why you sometimes wake up puffy, dehydrated, or just a bit dull. While your body and skin are working hard for your physical recovery while you sleep, it's also important to note that your subconscious mind is navigating your mental recovery.

During each step of our nighttime routine, find three things you love about your skin that you can honor with each step of your routine. Since our skin covers our whole body, it's important to focus your affirmations on your whole self, but you can start with little steps towards self-acceptance.

The Renewal collection is a perfect fit for your evening wind down so you can renew your thoughts while renewing your skin.

The Unwind & Replenish nighttime ritual includes:

Facial Cleansing Oil

Start your Unwind and Replenish Routine with the Facial Cleansing Oil. Use the oil directly on dry skin to gently dissolve any makeup or accumulated environmental debris from the day. Once the oil is thoroughly applied on the skin, remove by compressing a warm wet washcloth on the face to help remove the broken down makeup and debris of the day.

Renewal Refining Cleanser

A second cleanse is meant to cleanse the skin more thoroughly with the Renewal Refining Cleanser. There is a gentle exfoliation naturally occurring with this cleanser so once the cleanser is fully applied to your skin, let it sit on the skin for 30 seconds to allow the ingredients to have maximum effectiveness. Gently remove with cool or lukewarm water making sure to avoid the eye area.

Sensitive Skin Toner with Aloe Vera

Balance your skin's natural PH levels with the Sensitive Skin toner. The Aloe Vera will soothe while subtly hydrating your skin. Softly apply the Sensitive Skin Toner over the entire face using a cotton pad.

Renewal Firming Eye Cream

Add a drop of your eye cream to your under eye skin on the orbital bone. Lightly and gently smooth the cream with your ring finger for best results.

Renewal Firming Moisturizing Cream

The final step of the Unwind and Replenish routine includes the Renewal Firming Moisturizing Cream. Apply a pea sized amount by feathering the cream smoothly all over the face, neck, and décolleté. Make sure to avoid the eye area.

*Pro Tip: Customize your Unwind and Replenish Routine by adding your Burt's Bees Serum of choice before the Renewal Firming Moisturizing Cream to elevate your nightly care..

Had an extra-long day? Don't worry, we have you covered with some bonus nighttime favorites to deepen your rejuvenation with the Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment or the Peppermint Foot Lotion. Choose one of these extra steps to help wind down from a long day.

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Detox & Let Go

Our Detox & Let Go ritual is an opportunity to break from the everyday autopilot. This ritual can be adjusted for all skin conditions including sensitized skin and acne.

As much as our skin loves a simple daily regimen, many of us can appreciate an extra boost of care. Especially when we are faced with extra challenges and stressors in our lives. Whether you lean into this extra boost of mindful practices during the week or you use it as a start to your weekend, this routine is ideal for all in need of an elevated self-love experience.

This is where we encourage you to get creative with your mindful practices by looking inward and asking yourself, "what do I need to release?" Pairing the Detox & Let Go products with a tea ritual, an Epsom salt bath, or accompanied by some intuitive facial massage will help you both let go of the tension of the week and detox your mind of negative thoughts. We promise you'll be left with a lighter mind and a glowing complexion.

The Detox & Let Go ritual includes:

Sensitive Cleanser

To begin the Detox & Let Go ritual, it's important to be gentle in your cleansing process before detoxifying the skin. The Sensitive Skin Cleanser allows this step to calm and clean the skin for best results.

Choose your MASK:

Option A) The Restoring Antioxidant Mask is recommended dry, dehydrated, or sensitive skin.

Option B) The Detoxifying Clay Mask is recommended for oily or combination skin. Please do not use this product on any irritated or broken skin.

Apply your mask of choice all over the skin avoiding the eyes and lips. Leave the mask on for about 10-15 minutes for optimal results. Gently remove the mask by compressing a warm cloth on the face without tugging at the skin. The mask will bind to the cloth compression leaving your skin fresh and ready for hydration and nourishment.

Renewing Natural Hydrogel Eye Mask

While your mask of choice is applied to the rest of the face, place the Renewing Natural Hydrogel eye mask under the eyes for a treatment to brighten and smooth the under eye area. Remove the eye mask after 10 minutes, before you remove your face mask.

Conditioning Lip Scrub

In a circular motion with your fingertips, massage the Conditioning Lip Scrub over your lips to gently buff off dry skin. Rinse off with warm water and follow up with your Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment.

Truly Glowing Glow Booster

After you remove your mask of choice, apply a generous layer of the Truly Glowing Glow Booster. Let the nourishing oils and antioxidants sink into the skin by lightly massaging it into your face, neck, and under eye area. Add your moisturizer of choice to seal in the oil as needed.


EXTRA CREDIT: Download the Nature Break playlist by Burt’s Bees on Spotify for a peaceful soundtrack as you nourish your skin and spirit.Whether you lost your job or a loved one, are juggling life as a full-time employee with virtual schooling happening at the same time, awoke to a racial reckoning, or faced any other major shifts during this unprecedented time, there are lessons hidden in our tragedies that have taught us how human we all actually are. So, what has 2020 taught us? Resilience, the act of surrender, redirection, and inner work. The humanness of 2020 is what we hope stays strong in our new year and beyond.

At the end of the day, there are endless ways to elevate your self-care in 2021. We want to remind you that you are deserving, worthy, and completely perfect as you are. You made it through a historic year and hope you find these self-care practices as a means to sustain the resilient, strong, and light-filled you as you enter a new year.

Hayley Wood is a licensed esthetician who practices holistic, plant-based skincare in her facial practice Therapeutic Skin Coach. Her philosophy is that skincare is an opportunity for self-care and self-love. She safely practices her custom facials in Oregon and California, while sharing holistic skin health and self-acceptance education via virtual consultations, social media, and online skin health courses.


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