I Woke Up Well Distributing, Inc.

Willow Balm Nature's Aspirin

Made in Tennessee, Willow Balm is a patented, plant-based topical painkiller that helps ease our everyday strains, pains, headaches, even bug bites. What's our Thermal Progression Effect? It isn't cold therapy, it isn't heat therapy, we don't use lidocaine. First WB gently warms the affected area, then it gradually transitions to providing cool, lasting comfort. Willow Balm represents a unique technology in topical pain relief.

Going where no woman has gone!

Our mission is to provide a premium, natural pain relief cream to rural Americans at an affordable price. When we first realized that hard-working folks were using a horse liniment on their sore backs, we knew that farm supply retailers were the perfect market for Willow Balm. Prior to our entry into that channel, there weren't topical pain relief options for humans in those stores. Now they choose Willow Balm Nature's Aspirin in 2,500 locations!

Why Natural Launchpad?

As a loyal Burt's Bees customer, I felt that the Natural Launchpad would be a perfect opportunity to see the "house that Roxanne Quimby built" and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs. I'm thrilled to be a part of Cohort #3 and look forward to watching all of these companies flourish with the help of the Burt's Bees corporate team.

Company Awards

  • 2009-Selected as one of the original 50 innovative natural products for Abe's Market (Abe's acquired by Direct Eats in 2016)
  • 2014- Granted US Patent US8765194B2 Abstract exerpt: This invention replaces the practice of utilizing synthesized salicin compounds for use as anti-inflammatory components in topical pain relief compositions through the use of naturally occurring salicin in the form of Salix alba (white willow bark) botanicals.
  • 2018-Burt’s Bees Natural Launch Pad Grant Winner