Kokum Butter

Handpicked with purpose

The kokum tree produces kiwi-sized fruit that is loaded with fatty acids and antioxidants.

Good for you, naturally

About a quarter of the kokum seed is composed of oil. Its emollient properties make kokum butter ideal for use in lotions, lip balms and soaps. Besides being an excellent moisturizer, kokum butter also helps support skin’s elasticity.

Where on earth is it from?

The kokum tree (Garcinia indica) is native to the Western Ghats regions of India. There are 200 species of kokum trees found in the tropical regions of India, Asia and Africa. People of this region don’t need a green thumb to grow this fruit tree. It is low maintenance because it requires little water and repels pests and disease. The rind of the fruit is most often dried and used in the kitchen as spice to flavor curries.