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Is My Washcloth Causing My Acne?

by Burt’s Bees | 3 min read

You probably already have a skin care routine that includes a cleanser. But if you use a towel or washcloth as part of that routine, there’s a chance it’s working against you in your quest for clean, clear skin.

Why It’s Important to Wash Your Face

The cleansing step of any skin care routine is crucial. When you use a cleanser at the end of the day, you remove any makeup you may be wearing but also any oil and environmental impurities (think dirt, dust, air pollution, etc.) that may have built up on your skin throughout the day.

Not only that, but freshly cleaned skin is more able to absorb any serums, lotions or creams that you apply as a next step.

How Towels and Washcloths can Cause Acne

If you use a washcloth or a face towel as part of your face cleansing routine, it’s important to prioritize keeping them clean, too.

Towels and washcloths immediately pick up any trace bacteria that live on even the cleanest skin, and they tend to stay damp for a while after you use them, which makes them a perfect breeding ground for even more bacteria.

And, if you use them for a few days (or weeks!) in a row, you’re adding residual facial oils, dirt and makeup to the mix. Anyone with acne-prone skin knows that’s a recipe for a breakout.

Smart Solutions for Clean, Clear Skin

If you want to continue using a washcloth or face drying towel in your routine, keep it clean! The rule of thumb is to wash them after no more than three uses. This is easier to stick to when you have a backup; if you keep at least two of each washcloth or towel handy, you have a clean one ready to go when the other one heads to the hamper.

You can also pivot to towelettes. Since they’re single-use, you avoid the risk of bacteria buildup altogether. Our Facial Cleansing Towelettes are made with repurposed cotton, so they’re not only a greener option than other towelettes but they’re incredibly soft on your skin.

If you’re trying to fight acne or struggling with other skin sensitivities, don’t let a bacteria-filled towel be a hurdle between you and clear skin!

Clear Skin Solutions
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