How to Recycle: Curbside or TerraCycle

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 30% of municipal waste consists of packaging and containers. We want to close the loop on our packaging and, with your help, ensure it doesn’t end up in landfills or oceans.

STEP 1: Check each piece of packaging for the Mobius recycling symbol to see if it may be recyclable curbside.

If you see the recycling symbol, confirm that your local recycling service accepts this type of packaging—visit to quickly find out. Then follow these steps to recycle:

  • Remove excess product
  • Remove the pump if there is one and recycle through TerraCycle (see below)
  • If the cap is the same material as the container, leave it on
  • Drop it in your curbside bin—and you’re done!

STEP 2: If any of the packaging has the TerraCycle symbol or if curbside recycling isn’t available, then use our FREE recycling take-back service through TerraCycle (currently only offered in the United States).

Follow these steps to get started:

  • Request your free shipping label below
  • Remove excess product
  • Package your container(s) in reused box or envelope

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Recycle Burt’s Bees Oral Care through TerraCycle

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