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Recycling Made Easy 

by Burt’s Bees | 3 min read

We’ve made it easy to recycle your Burt’s Bees favorites so we can all do our part to build a cleaner future. 

A Circular Future

Did you know the beauty industry creates around 120 billion units of packaging, which accounts for 146 million tons of plastic, every year? Pair that with the fact that only 9% of all the plastic that’s ever been made has been recycled, and it’s clear something needs to change. 

We’ve got a plan to move towards a full-circle future with a commitment to Net Zero Plastic to Nature by 2025. Here’s how we’re planning on getting there:

  • Make a 50% reduction in virgin packaging materials (plastic and fiber) by 2030, and 33% by 2025

So far, our Rescue Lip Balm is in a hybrid tube made partially from plant-based bio resin from upcycled potatoes. The classic Lip Shimmers tube is now 83% post-consumer recycled plastic, and by using recycled paper, our Rapid Rescue Cold Sore Treatment packaging is made with 75% less plastic. 

  • Continue to invest in U.S. recycling infrastructure for an increase in recycling of plastic that’s equal to our plastic footprint.

We’re continuing to work together with The Sustainability Consortium to study the opportunities in our recycling system to process small packaging, which is often missed by recycling sorters.

We’ve partnered with the Recycling Partnership to fund recycling infrastructure improvements and expand equitable recycling access for the residents of Big Bear City, CA.

  • Move towards 100% of packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable

We’ve partnered with Loop x Ulta and put one of our formulas in a reusable glass bottle with waste-free delivery and return.

Our packaging is recyclable curbside or through TerraCycle®—this is where we need your help to make it happen. 

Make recycling the last step of your beauty routine—to honor our beautiful planet. Before recycling, see if you can reuse any of your empties. Here are some of our favorite second-life ideas.

  • Glass Skincare Bottles >> Bud Vases
  • Tins >> Travel containers for vitamins, pins, buttons, or other small items
  • Plastic Tubes/Bottles >> Water play or bath toys for kids 

Any remaining empty packages can be recycled through curbside recycling or TerraCycle. Here’s what to do.

Simply Recycle It

First, check each piece of packaging for the Mobius recycling symbol to see if it may be recyclable curbside. If you see the recycling symbol, confirm that your local recycling service accepts this type of packaging—visit to quickly find out. Then follow these steps to recycle:

  • Remove excess product
  • Remove the pump if there is one and recycle through TerraCycle (see below)
  • If the cap is the same material as the container, leave it on
  • Drop it in your curbside bin—and you’re done!

If you see the TerraCycle symbol, then get started with our easy and free take-back program

Collect Locally

We’re getting communities involved with NEW local Burt’s Bees TerraCycle collection sites to make it even easier. Do a quick search to see if a public drop-off location is close by.

Didn’t find one? Download a free shipping label to send your collection in or sign up through TerraCycle to earn rewards across brands or become a collection site for your community!

  1. Start collecting Burt’s Bees packaging in any box you have.
  2. When your collection box is full, log into your account or go our website to download and print a shipping label.
  3. Seal up your collection box, attach the printed shipping label and send it via UPS.

What We Take Back

Burt’s Bees branded personal care, lip care, beauty care, and any other Burt’s Bees packaging. Look for the TerraCycle logo—any Burt’s Bees product that has it can be recycled through this program. 

We’re grateful to our community for returning over 130,000 units of packaging to our TerraCycle program to date, saving it from entering the environment. To learn more about our 2025 goal of Net Zero Plastic to Nature, head over to our 2020 Impact Report

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