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Skin Care

The Essentials for Great Skin in Your 30s

by Burt’s Bees | 2 min read

There are the skincare basics that are true across all ages like washing your face before bed (no questions), not picking at acne spots, and SPF forever. But what your skin needs changes with time, just like you.

Find the best skin care regimen for your 30s.

After you turn 20, you produce around 1% less collagen every year. Collagen is key to your skin’s firmness, so skin is more fragile and thinner by the time you’re in your 30s. Collagen loss is also sped up by sun exposure and the skin damage that goes along with that, which is why it’s important to wear SPF every day to protect the health of your skin.

For Oily or Acne-Prone Skin

Unfortunately, acne isn’t just reserved for your teens and 20s. Acne can stick around or even pop back up later in life. Adult-onset acne is more common in women than men, and tends to appear along the jawline potentially due to hormones.

Wash your skin with a gel cleanser and reach for lotions with SPF, instead of creams, which are lighter weight on your skin. Add in a dark spot corrector to tackle uneven skin tone and leftover acne marks.  

For Dry or Dehydrated Skin

Your glow may not be as glowy as it once was. But, you can boost your radiance by adding Vitamin C to your routine with a serum or toner.

Switch to a cleansing oil that removes dirt and makeup without stripping the skin, followed by a Vitamin C toner, a moisturizer, and your SPF. At night, pat on a few drops of face oil to deeply nourish while you sleep.

For Sensitive Skin

Now’s the time to add Bakuchiol to your routine. It’s a natural, gentle retinol alternative that helps improve skin elasticity and smooths skin.

It's easy to add to your routine. Wash with a gentle cleanser and follow with a moisturizer-and-SPF combo to keep it simple on your delicate skin barrier. Take advantage of your skin’s natural overnight renewal process and apply a Bakuchiol serum before your moisturizer to work with your skin’s moisture barrier.

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