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Skin Care

The Importance of Great Skin Care for Teens

by Burt’s Bees |4 Minute Read

When you’re just getting started on your skin care journey, it can be hard to know what you need and how to choose from all the options—how are you supposed to know which products and ingredients are right for your skin? Here are some basics that every teen should have in their bathroom.

The Simplest Start to a Skin Care Routine

Every skin care routine needs at least two things: a cleanser and a moisturizer. Just like you clean the rest of your body and follow up with lotion, your face needs to get clean and stay hydrated. But, the skin on your face can be a little more delicate, so it’s important to choose products that are made specifically for your face rather than your body.

If you’re going to try something new, do a patch test first near your jawline to make sure your skin doesn’t have any reactions to the ingredients. It’s smart to only try one new product at a time, so you can tell which products are working, and which ones aren’t a great fit for your unique skin.

Ready to Build Your Skin Care Routine?

In the morning and before bed, wash your face with a cleanser. If you have oily skin or are having some acne breakouts[JM1] , try this Purifying Gel Cleanser, which has ingredients like Salicylic Acid and Cica that are great at getting rid of excess oil, keeping your pores clear and soothing your skin.

If your skin is more balanced, you can try this Gentle Cream Cleanser, which removes dirt, oil and makeup while hydrating your skin.

(Now’s a good time to mention that avoiding washcloths when washing your face is a smart move—they can be home to nasty bacteria which can cause breakouts, which we’re pretty sure you don’t want.)

Once you’ve used your cleanser and rinsed it off, follow up with a moisturizer. Even oily skin needs hydration, so it’s really important not to skip this step. We love this Calming Day Lotion (so do the more than 7000 people who gave it a five star rating on Amazon!) It’s gentle AND hydrating. Everything you need and nothing you don’t!

That’s a basic routine, but you can tailor yours to suit your skin’s needs. If your skin is feeling dull or rough, you can try an exfoliator like this Gentle Face Scrub. Think of this as a special occasion cleanser—try it once a week and see how your skin feels.

You can also add in a toner after you wash your face for an extra layer of cleansing and balancing. This Clarifying Toner is great for oily or acne-prone skin, while this Soothing Toner is a better choice for more sensitive skin types.

The sooner you build a consistent skin routine, the sooner it will become a habit that is easy to stick with. We hope there’s a lifetime of happy, healthy skin in your future!

Your response to skin care products may vary. Ask a healthcare professional about the most suitable skincare regimen for you.

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