The Wintertime Makeup Look We Can All Wear All Season Long

Produced by Allure with Burt’s Bees

The holidays mean it’s time to have a little more fun. Pour some champagne! Put on some music! Dance! And get a little more daring with your makeup!

One of the easiest and most universally flattering looks starts—like most makeup looks—by giving your skin a gorgeous, natural-looking glow with some BB cream, like Burt’s Bees BB Cream with Noni Extract. After that, it’s time to line the inner rims of your upper lids, just below your lashes, with a soft black pencil. Then go shimmery or glittery with your lids. If your skin is fair or dark, choose a silver shade; for warm, olive, and yellow-toned skin, go for the gold.

Finally, put the punctuation on this look with bright, bold lipstick. Carefully apply an All-Day moisturizing lipstick, like Burt’s Bees Natural Lipstick in Magenta Rush. (If you happen to color outside the lines, no need to worry—just grab a cotton swab and neaten it up.) Now down another glass of champagne and get to the real party! —Emily Davis