This with That: Perfect Product Pairings

We all have our routines—and we all get the urge to shake them up. These made-for-each-other product pairings can make a tired beauty regime do an about-face.

For A Perfect Pout

Conditioning Lip Scrub + Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment + Lip Shimmer

It’s easy for lips to get dry and chapped, but bringing them back to a lush state can also happen overnight. Exfoliate with a moisturizing lip scrub to remove dry skin, then smooth on a deeply hydrating overnight lip treatment. By morning, you’ll have a refreshed pout that’s primed for the perfect dose of lip color.

For a Quick Refresh

Hydrating Facial Mist + Tinted Lip Balm + Rosemary & Lemon Hand Cream

If you’re heading out for a Sunday morning stroll but still want to feel fresh and put-together (or, if you’re dashing out of the office after a long day on your way to dinner) this trio can turn your look around. A spritz of hydrating face mist gives sallow skin a lift, moisturizing tinted lip balm adds just the right amount of polish, and an herbal scented hand cream boosts your whole mood.

For a Clean Slate

Facial Cleansing Towelettes + Mattifying Powder Foundation + Nourishing Mascara + Original Beeswax Lip Balm

This round-up is your post-workout, pre-meeting savior. Use a cleansing towelette to remove all traces of dirt, oil, sweat and makeup, leaving your skin nourished and clean. Pat on some shine-blocking powder, treat your lips to some all-natural lip balm and finish with a swipe of nourishing mascara for a bright-eyed look.

For an Overnight Boost

Intense Hydration Night Cream + Coconut Foot Crème + Lavender & Honey Hand Cream + Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment

Tired, dry skin needs your attention—luckily, you can sleep your way through this hydration session. After cleansing, a rich night cream sinks in to plump and revive your skin. Layer coconut-scented foot cream and a pair of cotton socks, slather on soothing hand cream and a deeply hydrating lip treatment, and drift off knowing you’ll awake to a more moisturized you.

For a Color Pop

Hydrating Lip Oil + Satin Lipstick

For lipstick lovers, hydrated lips are a must. Flaky, crackled skin is only amplified by color, so give yourself a smooth start with a slick of hydrating lip oil. It sinks in quickly and provides a perfect surface for a satin lipstick, packed with pigment and all-day moisturizers. If you have hydration under control, try reversing the order and layer on a bit of lip oil over your lipstick for a dose of finishing shine.