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Why Should You Care About Ceramides?

by Burt’s Bees | 3 min read

Why Should You Care About Ceramides?

Your skin is full of them—find out why you might need to add more to keep your barrier strong.

 We know the skin is our largest organ, but we might not always know what it needs to stay healthy. One of the main things working hard behind the skin scenes are ceramides—here’s why you should keep them in your skin care and lip care sphere.

Why Are Ceramides Important?

 If your skin barrier is like a brick wall, then ceramides are the mortar. They’re a type of lipid that holds together the keratin-based “bricks” that make up the outermost layer of the skin, known in science-y circles as the stratum corneum.

Your skin makes ceramides on its own, but just like time and elements can take their toll on an actual brick wall, your skin barrier can be affected by harsh weather, abrasive skin care and environmental irritants.

When your barrier is disrupted, two things can happen: moisture from beneath the surface of the skin can creep out, and irritants from the environments can creep in, leading to skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and premature aging. 

By including ceramides in your routine, healthier skin can reveal itself.

Ceramide Skin Benefits

By including ceramides in your skin care and lip care routine, you’re adding back some of the structure that may be lost in your moisture barrier. This lets your skin work beneath the surface to reestablish and maintain its moisture levels, so symptoms of dry, irritated skin can mellow out and healthier looking skin can reveal itself.

Just like you’ll find skin care full of ceramides, lip balm with ceramides can offer all the same barrier benefits to help dry, chapped lips restore their moisture.

We’re big fans of our Lip Treatments for that reason—they’re packed with natural ceramides and leave your lips soft, smooth and hydrated all day.

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