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Your Lips Deserve a Skin Care Routine Too

by Burt’s Bees | 3 min read

Your Lips Deserve a Skin Care Routine Too

By now you’ve got your skin care routine down, but did you know a lip care routine is just as important? The skin on your lips is the thinnest and most sensitive compared to anywhere else on your body. Between all the eating, drinking, smiling, laughing and exposure to the elements, your lips are put through the ringer on the daily. Here’s how you can build a routine to keep your lips hydrated and feeling healthy all year round.

How to Take Care of Your Lips

Your lips don’t contain any oil glands, so they’re especially prone to dryness. A daily lip care routine is critical to keeping them hydrated and protected every single day. Here are the basics to build your lip care routine.


If you struggle with cold sores and fever blisters you know they can happen all year round. Find some relief from the pain and itching that comes along with them and relieve dryness with our Cold Sore Treatment. Keep a tube in your kit for when you feel a new one coming on.

Hydrate and Protect

Since lips don’t produce their own oils, it’s important to layer on a lip balm or lip butter. The natural waxes and oils condition lips, and ingredients like Beeswax create a physical layer over your skin to lock in moisture.

If you’re a lip color lover, you can opt for a tinted lip balm or layer a lip balm under your favorite lip color

UV rays have been shown to damage collagen, so if you’re going to be outside keep a lip balm with SPF in your pocket or bag. Look for phrases like “water resistant” and “broad spectrum.”

Deep Condition

Your skin cells go into repair mode while you sleep, making bedtime a prime time to apply a conditioning lip treatment with ingredients like ceramides.

On nights where you need extra self care, reach for a lip scrub first. Lip scrubs help buff away dry skin, restore smoothness and prep your lips for overnight lip treatments.

Don’t lick your lips!

Each time you lick your lips, it can dry them out more. Which is the opposite of what you want, right? You also could develop a rash around your mouth called lip licker’s dermatitis. It’s best to use a lip balm instead.

You’ve got all the deets you need now to create your own lip care routine—just remember to treat, hydrate, protect, then condition for soft, smooth lips year-round.

Build Your Lip Care Routine

Your response to skin care products may vary. Ask a healthcare professional about the most suitable skin care regimen for you.

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